Tax services

- Fiscal representation in Italy
- Direct identification for VAT purposes
- Permanent establishment
- Legal and postal domiciliation service
- VAT declarations
- Intrastat

Fiscal representation

Through the institution of tax representation in Italy we support non-resident companies that carry out VAT - relevant transactions on Italian territory. We replace our foreign Clients in all VAT fulfilments in a regime of joint and several liability, representing them before the tax autorities.

Our service of tax representation includes:

Opening of VAT registration no

Invoicing and monthly auditing

Submission of VAT declarations


Support during inspections

Multilingual support and help desk

Direct identification for VAT purposes

Except in cases of permanent establishment or Fiscal representation, we support companies non - resident in Italy with direct identification for VAT purposes. The companies should be resident in EU countries or in a third country with which Italy has concluded the Convention on indirect taxation.
Up to now, the institution of direct identification for VAT purposes contitutes a valuable tool to simplify bureaucracy and to reduce costs for the supply of goods and/or services, territorially relevant in Italy.

Permanent establishment

We assist foreign companies by providing an assessment of the configuration of the permanent establishment in Italy, a support in its opening and the conseguent civil, accounting and tax requirements.

Domiciliation service in Italy

As part of administrative practices or commercial development in Italy, we offer a service of domiciliation in Italy to foreign companies. Our service includes both legal and postal domiciliation.