About us

Who we are


Giulio Cesare is a Company that provides legal consultancy and professional business services,

specialised in civil and commercial law.


Our team is composed of the most respected professionals,

with important and qualified work experiences.

Our services for business and individuals are all developed by a highly specialized team of professionals. We encourage the development of small and medium enterprises, also through our cooperation with international institues and organisations to facilitate expansion on Italian territory.

Giulio Cesare offers advices and creates solutions, also, to individuals and families, both residents and no-residents, for asset management and formation of additional sources of income,

Within our features are rapidity, malleability and preparation.

How we work


Giulio Cesare provides a support to corporations and individuals that plan to invest, or simply work in Italy, fulfilling the consequent obbligations or duties, also of a fiscal nature.


We provide our Customers a permanent advice service with a possibility of qualified assistance in contract or at the headquarter or at any other domicile throughout the European Union, in order to find the best solution with the least sacrifice even in terms of time.